Sunday, July 16, 2006

4xLab.NET Forex Simulation Software updated

The website and the program have both been updated.


- Added indicators: True Range, Average True Range (ATR), STARC Bands (similar to Bollinger Bands, but use ATR instead of Standard deviation).
- Enhanced Optimization. For an optimization run, all the parameters tested, along with the end of trading statistics are written to an Excel file for later analysis.


- Uploaded latest compiled version. Updated and uploaded the trading systems source code version. Uploaded the GUI source code.
- Added a title to the homepage: Forex Lab dot NET. Forex Simulation Software. Mechanical Trading Systems Forums.
- The website has had a standard disclaimer for a week now.
- Added the term Forex Simulator Software in addition to the already existing Forex Lab.
- Updated and submitted sitemaps.


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