Saturday, May 20, 2006

4XLab.NET Features

4XLab.NET is a .NET FOREX Trading systems simulation platform. You will be able to create a trading system and evaluate it as if it was running in realtime and connected to a real FOREX broker.

The 4XLab.NET platform sits between FOREX tick data (second by second price data) and your trading system. Your trading system can view this data as candles of different time lenghts or as realtime ticks.

The following popular indicators are built in, and source code if provided: Bollinger Bands, CCI, EMA, SMA, Hull Moving Average, MACD, Momemtum, RSI, Stochastics. The platform is extensible, and any indicator the user wishes can be be implemented.

This combination of features allows for maximum flexibility of the kind of trading systems that can be evaluated with the platform. The systems can apply indicators to candles of different lenghts to detemine the entry criteria. Trades can be performed at the end of a candle, or after a tick is received, just as a person would in real life.


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